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A brief history of Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Even if Bulgaria has risen in popularity in the past two decades in terms of being increasingly demanded destination for summer vacations, the country actually has a relatively short history of seaside tourism. Putting aside private residences, in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels were the first to ever welcomed guests and it happened little more than 60 years ago.


A seaside resort embraced by a natural park


The wonderful 5 miles long sand strip is enclosed by a natural park which was, in fact, the first to bear the name Golden Sands. The proclamation of the special territory happened in 1943, so the scene in 2018 is dedicated to 75th-anniversary celebration. The seaside resort inaugurated in 1956 is situated in the footsteps of the natural park. So, on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels stand tall for six decades now but the vast majority of the buildings for accommodation have been built or renovated recently and the best offers for rooms and suites are to be found in the list of the agency that run the business in the area for the past half-century.


Soviet Era and after


In the early stages of beach tourism in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels were few in numbers but had a high reputation among the local people. The demand for Zlatni Pyasatsi – as it is known in the Bulgarian language – was always on the top of the roof. In the Cold War era the country was orbiting in the Soviet gravity, so the prevailing number of foreign guests were Russian, Ukrainian, or people from other Eastern European countries such as Poland and former Czechoslovakia.


Since 1990, after the collapse of the Iron Curtain Bulgaria in general and Golden Sands, in particular, opened its arms to a much greater number of visitors from Western Europe and all around the globe. The most prominent resort on the northern side of the country’s coastline became a favorite destination for hundreds of Brits who love to return there summer after summer.

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