November discount for a seasonal Bansko ski pass

Undoubtedly the most recognizable Bulgarian winter resort around the world, Bansko prepares for the start of the 2017-18 season. What we know for sure is that the opening ceremony will be on 16th December and once again former Alpine skiing star will be the special guest to launch the campaign. This time the big name is Kristian Ghedina, the best Italian downhill specialist of all time, who will be seen in action on the piste named after his even more famous compatriot Alberto Tomba. What we don`t know yet as a certainty is the exact price of the daily Bansko ski pass. There are no tendencies pointing to rise of the fees but we have to wait and see.

Bansko Lift Pass

Anyway, the company managing the whole complex in the Pirin mountain gave the snow lovers some heads up in the first days of November. The seasonal Bansko lift pass is already up for grabs on a discount until the end of the month. A card for the whole winter will cost normally 1300 BGN (a little above 650 Euro) while the November price is set on 1200 BGN tag. Bansko ski pass for children in the age span between 7 and 16 will cost 1100 BGN being purchased not later than 30th November. For kids younger than seven the seasonal card has the fee of just above 50 Euro (100 BGN). For the third year in a row, the all-winter access is put on discount sale in the weeks preceding the official start of the campaign. For now, Bansko lift pass is available for those willing to buy at the Gondola station of the lift and Maxsport store in Sofia. Online purchase is not available at the moment but this service is expected to start soon.

It’s highly unlikely for all who prepare to hit Banderishka Polyana to be surprised by some significant rise in the price of the daily pass if any raise is in the plans at all. The management of the resort showed a willingness to hold on for the same fees for the past four years. For the 2016-17 season, Bansko ski pass for one day cost an adult person 58 BGN or little less than 30 Euro. The half-day ticket available after 12.30 valued 45 BGN, for kids between 7 and 12 years the whole day price was set to 49 BGN but the biggest discount benefited the youngest – children under 7 years old were granted access for the fee of 50 Euro cents (1 BGN). Seasonal family Banski lift pass has been set to 3000 BGN for two adults and a child under 16.

With 75 km combined length of all 18 trails and diversity in their type of difficulty, the Pirin mountain resort welcomes both the rookies and the pros. If you consider to purchasing a Bansko ski pass whenever it’s available online (otherwise you have to go to the place), it might be useful to you to check some of the best offers for accommodation in the area on Balkan Holidays. The most famous Bulgarian winter resort is still among the most affordable in whole Europe.